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International Feasts for World Cup Parties

The World Cup is in full swing. It seems that everyone wants to get in on the excitement and fun. Great friends and a live broadcast are just part of a great World Cup party. Good food is a necessity at any football event. But what to serve?

Themed Party Food

How about changing your menu to fit the teams? At this stage it will have to be Argentina or Germany. This is a world wide event. It offers an international palette to select from. Pick interesting dishes from the homelands of the opposing teams as you watch them face off. Every culture has something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Other people find that just adding a little twist to party favorites does the trick. Here are a few internationally inspired dishes to nosh on while your favorite teams play.


This rich Mediterranean dish is rich with spicy Spanish flavor. Traditionally made with rabbit, snails and chicken, it can also be made with other meats to suit the local taste best. Try preparing it with pork, seafoods like shrimp or sweet white fishes and chicken instead of the more exotic ingredients. Sweet and smoky with complex flavors from chorizo and papikia, it goes great with cold beer and veggie platters.

German Grilling

You can get a two for one with a German grill feast. It’s summer and the German team is headed into the finals. Get some good German wurst (sausages) on the grill! For the best taste and good crispy grilled sausages be sure to brush your wurst several times with beer as they grill. To make this grill fest even more German, turn your wurst into a Currywurst by adding spicy ketchup and generous amounts of curry powder. Serve your wurst with french fries and you have manifested the popular German fast food Currywurst.To sweeten the deal, have someĀ German beer on hand like Warsteiner or Spaten.

Baby Back Ribs

Whether you were rooting for the American team or the Australian team -or for that matter any team- baby back ribs glazed in a thick bourbon sauce are a delicious indulgence. Smoke them over the grill or broiled to perfection in an oven, nothing beats the rich flavors and easy eating of tender ribs. Serve with crisp vegetables and tall cold glasses of bourbon sweet tea.

Steamed mussels with friesBeer Steamed Mussels

For a more elegant take on party food (perhaps France is playing?), try a main dish of steamed mussels. Quick and easy to make but delicately flavored, beer steamed mussels provide a complex play of sweet and salty flavors on the tongue. Serve with plenty of crusty bread and white wine.

Grilled Mint-Chive Basted Whole Fish

Many countries enjoy a rich tradition of fish dishes. While many are difficult to prepare, a grilled whole fish dish takes less time then most but looks fantastic on the platter. Select a sustainable species white-fleshed whole cleaned fish with the head attached. Simply seasoned with butter infused with mint and chives, this is a dish that goes well with sweet rum drinks.

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