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Easter Foods

Easter, or Lent is the time of year when many different cultures celebrate in remembrance and symbolism, Christ through food. All over the world, there are customs followed to signify their appreciation. Here are a few traditional dishes from countries all over the globe that come together during this time:

Celebrated Foods

  • Hot Cross Buns

These are a favorite that were derived from ancient Anglo-Saxons who baked small wheat cakes to remember the springtime goddess, Eostre. When rituals were converted to Christianity, the cakes were substituted with sweetbreads blessed by the church. Traditionally eaten in the UK during Easter. The buns were crossed (therefore cross buns) to honor the four quarters of the moon and now symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus.

  • Paskha

This is the name of a traditional Easter dessert in Russia, but this also means “Easter” in Russian. It is made of cream and cottage cheese and has coverings of dried fruit. Usually in a pyramid shape, it carries the letters “XB” which means “Christ has risen.”

  • Pacoca de Amendoim

A Brazilian Easter snack, it is usually called “Pacoca.” Made of crushed peanuts, sugar and cassava flour, it is served during holiday procession walks.

  • Columba Pasquale

An Italian Easter loaf is made of butter, flour, natural yeast, sugar and eggs and is shaped like a dove. It is coated with almonds and coarse sugar.

A Scandinavian dish which is prepared and served either picked, raw or cured. It is served on a bun with rye bread, potatoes, sour cream and akvavit.

  • Pinca

This Eastern Europe dish looks like a large hot cross bun but is marked with the sign of a cross. It is eaten at the end of Lent in Slovenia and Croatia.

  • Capirotada

This Mexican bread pudding is filled with raisins, cinnamon, cloves and cheese. Each ingredient is supposed to represent the suffering of Christ – the cloves represent the nails on the cross, the cinnamon sticks are the wooden cross and the bread, Christ himself.

  • Kulich

Orthodox Christian countries bake this cake during Easter. They are baked in tall tins and decorated with white icing and colorful sprinkles or flowers. This cake is often blessed after Easter service by a priest.

  • Roast Lamb

This dinner goes back to the first Passover of Jewish people. The lamb was roasted and eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

Although there are many other countries and foods that are eaten during Easter, these are some of the most widely known and followed every year as a major ritual.

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